Clapton’s Coming to Town!

ericEric Clapton’s coming to town.

I wondered what the fuss was all about until I saw the morning papers which said tickets had sold out “within no time”, leaving hundreds disappointed.

I still couldn’t figure out what was so great about “just another singer” coming in to perform for a couple of hours but when I saw preparations for the concert at the historic Arad Fort this evening, reality dawned. The elaborate arrangements, the massive stage, the hundreds of seats, the very large stage and the sheer size of the ongoing work looked as if something great was to take place on March 8.DSC_7416

On looking up Mr Google, I found Eric Clapton is one of the world’s per-eminent Blues/Rock guitarists. He is also the only triple inductee into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he has earned many Grammy’s and other awards from all over the world and is dubbed ‘The Musicians Musician’.

DSC_7420The driving force behind his success, the write-up said, has always been and will remain the music and in particular the blues. This first love inspired a boy from the small village of Ripley in Surrey, to pick up a guitar and attempt to emulate his heroes. In doing so he became a hero to millions.DSC_7396

I am not overly excited about the whole thing anyway. It’s just that I became curious after all the hullabaloo. I would rather watch the late night Bollywood Masala Orchestra on Tuesday – where at least there will be some real noise – and dance!Orchestra


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