The best friend?

DSC_5074 While on my (ir)regular DSC_5124evening walk on the coast, I came across these three dogs, belonging to families that have made the “beach” their home, complete with fully furnished villas and other luxury amenities.
One look at the three and we can see the state of these four-legged beings in various states of (dis)comfort.
One of them (top) looks well-fed and rather aggressive. He “greeted” me with a fair amount of hostility as I attempted to take his picture. He also came across as someone with a lot of attitude.
The one in the centre, a two-month old German Shepard, also seemed content and happy, frolicking around with his owners.
The third “man’s best friend” I came across, however, seemed sad and forlorn, limping around with a bandage on his leg. He seemed hungry, sick, unloved, lonely and uncared for.
Makes me feel for these very loyal and loving beings who never seem to hold a grudge against their masters and mistresses, even though they are badly treated at many unnamedtimes.
And then there is my mutt, Tyson (left), spoilt to the core, thoroughly a nuisance at most times but still enjoys five-star luxury. As they say, each one comes with its own destiny.
It’s certainly a dog’s life for many but then there are those who live life king size!

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