By Cycle

This evening I did something I have not done for a long time – a really long time.
I took out my bicycle and gave it a ride in the SUV to the downtown repair shop!
Yes, I have decided to give it a go – again. Ride as much as I possibly can.
It was gathering dust – and rain – for the last many months, having been almost abandoned, but for hanging clothes or the house mop to dry!
This one trip to the old Manama Suq also brought back memories of how as kids we used to bicycle to school, cricket matches and even the very frequent trips to the mango orchard to, what else, but steal raw fruit!
I was also reminded about that roadside bicycle repair shop where we spent a lot of time fixing punctures, a broken brake or a dislocated pedal. And, curiously, this one shop I went to was almost exactly the same, except it is bigger – and better stocked with what one may call, useless junk!
Coming back to riding, I have pledged I will use this ‘renovated’ two-wheeler for odd jobs like going to the grocery store a few blocks away or to visit the laundry or even to just ride along the sea, which is good exercise.
For too long have I taken it ‘easy’ – getting out the car several times a day. And that serves no purpose, except for lazy bones getting lazier – and rustier!.
I have taken a pledge but will have to wait and see how long this lasts – because I am yet to make a beginning.
Here’s wishing myself good luck with the pedaling.

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