As Night Fell

DSC_7068These two shots, from almost the same place on the Busaiteen coastline, right under the arches of Bahrain’s Shaikh Isa Causeway, were taken an hour apart as I began, and ended, my evening walk.The first photograph (top) shows the Manama skyline just about lighting up immediately after the sun has gone down while the second, after it was dark (bottom), shows the city having lighted up.
No matter how many times I take pictures of Manama, I find something different in each frame. The lighting, the water, the tide or the lack of it, the way the lights blink, or even the traffic on the highway, present a different look each time round. This is one place I never tire of visiting and clicking.
These two pictures use the 10 mm wide-angle lens which gives a “non fish-eye” effect, while capturing almost the entire skyline in one frame.DSC_7086

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