Herd Shots

DSC_5195I took a drive down to the Bahrain desert this evening after many weeks. It was cloudy, windy and rather dull in the city but the Sakhir area felt very refreshing and full of life. It is very normal to see camels in small herds at several places but rather unusual to see other animals, particularly sheep and goats – that too in large numbers.
Maybe I was just lucky and maybe they are always there but I never ventured to the right places but I came across several herds grazing on the desert shrubs.
It was an unusual sight, hundreds of animals roaming around without a care in the world, oblivious to the fact they are destined to land on Bahrain’s dinner plates in the coming days and weeks.
Nevertheless, I tried to make the most of the chance encounter and clicked some pictures, just to document the “occurrence.”
The long, nearly 50 km, drive from home proved well worth it.DSC_5205

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    What a motley crew of characters! Such an array of size and color… and it’s all about the food, isn’t it? Too bad there aren’t any lush pastures to feed from.


  2. singhcircle says:

    True. However, the Bahrain desert is the ‘greenest’ of them all – plenty of shrubs and small trees for sheep and goats to feed on. It is also not the usual desert, with plenty of sand dunes, but rather “populated” with oil and gas wells, the winter campers and construction activity. Bahrain is lovely in the winter, of which we have only a few weeks left. It becomes unbearable in the summer, which will start to set in towards the end of March!


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