Indian ‘masala’

The Bollywood Masala Orchestra performed in Bahrain yesterday. Though not one of the top-notch groups, the enthusiasm and energy of the dozen-odd performers was enough to entertain a select audience of senior government ministers, VIP’s and other guests at the imposing open air ‘auditorium’ of the Bahrain Fort. Though all the songs and other acts centered around the traditions of Rajasthan state, the 90-minute programme … Continue reading Indian ‘masala’

Clapton’s Coming to Town!

Eric Clapton’s coming to town. I wondered what the fuss was all about until I saw the morning papers which said tickets had sold out “within no time”, leaving hundreds disappointed. I still couldn’t figure out what was so great about “just another singer” coming in to perform for a couple of hours but when I saw preparations for the concert at the historic Arad … Continue reading Clapton’s Coming to Town!

Visiting tradition

Muharraq, the former capital of Bahrain, is known for its cultural splendour and traditional Bahraini houses dot the town’s narrow lanes. The Shaikh Isa bin Ali house is Bahrain’s most impressive example of Gulf Islāmic architecture featuring four courtyards and beautiful carved wooden doors and perforated gypsum panels. The beautifully restored houses that make up the Shaikh Ebrahim Centre for Culture and Research give an … Continue reading Visiting tradition

‘Treasure’ hunt

This ancient Singer sewing machine and a His Master’s Voice (HMV) gramophone are just two of the ‘antique’ items on display at a dealer’s ‘showroom’ in Muharraq Suq. This area of the country is known as the ‘original Bahrain’ with scores of heritage houses, traditional bazaars and shops, selling everything from mouth-watering sweets, clothes and all kinds of jewellery. A walk down the narrow alleyways … Continue reading ‘Treasure’ hunt