Town folk and their homes


This is the sprawling “fisherman’s township” on Bahrain Muharraq island. The intriguing picture was taken as I moved back to my car after an abortive attempt to photograph seagulls in flight with the Manama skyscrapers as a backdrop.
I have been to this area scores of times but this is the first shot I have taken of the extent of the ramshackle, made of wood and tin sheets “settlement”, used not only as a weekend getaway but also as a permanent home to many living on the coast. And they are there along with their pets – dogs and cats – the chicken and ducks – as well as the family cars!
Must be some feeling waking up to the sound of the sea and the rising tide, the constant chatter of the various kinds of birds, the roaring traffic on the adjoining highway and the awesome sight the skyline presents but I wonder if anyone has looked at the safety aspect and whether these structures are, indeed, authorized.
That is quite another story!
And, yes, for the daily readers of this blog, it wasn’t foggy today! Hopefully that’s passed!

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