Fogged Out

DSC_4812It started off as beautiful day today – but only just. No sooner than we were at work, the fog descended again – as if out of nowhere. Rather unusual of course, but having continued for most of the last week, irritating and ‘boring’ as well. Fact that it’s still there has not helped at the start of the Bahrain weekend, keeping everyone but the brave and the adventurous pretty much indoors.
Reminded me of the time when we cycled to school in the heavy morning mist, heavily gloved and long-johned in Chandigarh, where we grew up. It was, of course, bitterly cold – in comparison the weather here, which is the proverbial ‘walk in the park.’
Reaching school after riding several kilometers, we would then look forward to the break when we would be again out in the cold.
Those days are gone – of course, forever. It’s now often uncomfortable to walk in these conditions, particularly when there’s an accompanying nasty wind. But I have been ‘brave’ enough to take a stroll at the Al Fateh Corniche in the evening, never mind the uncomfortable conditions.
And while at it, I also took these two pictures just to show the “fog menace,” which I hope will disappear soon.

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