Thais the way!

DSC_4154 DSC_4156I spotted these three gentlemen  at a construction site in Muharraq. and as drove past, noticed something was unfamiliar. And I returned. Yes, there was, indeed, something different. They were not the usual “run of the mill” Indian or Pakistani workers who are in Bahrain in their thousands. They were from, of all the places, Thailand!Bahrain is well-known to play host to scores of nationalities who work and live in the country but this is the first time I came across blue-collared workers from the land of the Blue Elephant. They did say there are only a handful of them in the country and most  are in specialised construction jobs.
“There are some problems in our country so we have come here,” said one. It’s the same in most places in the world today but we love it here.”
Bahrain, which has hundreds of thousands of workers from the Indian Sub-Continent, is increasingly getting these from other places as well, particularly China and even Myanmar. And the open and liberal society that enjoys complete religious freedom is an added attraction which means people here are happy. That is the sign of a modern, progressive nation!DSC_4159

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