Fine Living

Fine Living

This is certainly not a villa by the seaside in the Mediterranean but this palatial ‘mansion’ in Busaiteen is the weekend home to a Bahraini family.
Built over large piece of land, the premises houses more than a dozen people at one time. It has a kitchen, a living room or majlis, two bedrooms and a large courtyard.To top it all, the courtyard overlooks the vast expanse of the sea on one side and miles of sandy coastline on the other.
Fitted with generators, satellite dishes and all modern gadgets, these villas dot the Bahrain coastline but are most prominent on Muharraq island, particularly in Busaiteen.
There is some talk about these structures being illegal and built with the connivance of local officials but we have heard that for the last many years because their numbers have only increased.
On the other hand, while walking along the coast yesterday, I came across one “villa” that had been recently burnt down. But, at the same time, there was enough material lying around to suggest several more would come up in the next few weeks.
Whoever coined the term “the long arm of the law” possibly did not look this way!

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