Give us this day our twice daily bread!

DSC_0100 DSC_0099 DSC_0098 DSC_0097 I have done this often but I don’t mind doing it doing it again – writing about this special bread called khoubz available only in the Arab world and a twice-daily staple with almost anybody.

Though I wasn’t a great fan of this type of kneaded dough preparation, over the years the family has taken a liking for it and we get it often – sometimes even twice a day.

The trick is in eating is virtually off the oven so it is always got just as the family sits on the table, ready to begin a meal, so one of us (me) sprints to the shop and gets the bread off the oven.

Khubz, Khoubz or Khobz is Arabic for bread which refer to a flatbread that forms the staple food of countries in the Arabian Peninsula. It is the most common bread and is mostly a large type of flat bread traditionally baked in a special oven. The dough is rolled out like pizza dough and it baked in an oven powered by diesel.

The Arabian style khobz are also called as Khuboos or khubus, and they look like the American pita bread or either like the Indian roti or naan.

The best part is the cost – roughly 30 US cents for five pieces!





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