Hats off !

Hats off !

This is Bahrain’s very own ‘hat woman’.
Seen at virtually every event that is important – and not so important – this enterprising lady is the centre of attraction, sporting an extremely attractive and eye-catching hat.
I have had the opportunity of interacting with her on a couple of occasions when she was organising environmental conferences, and she’s been in hats then.
She’s seen in public with important people – ministers, bureaucrats and officials – is very often on the newspapers’ local and business news pages giving away mementos, receiving sponsorships, and just attending meetings.
She’s seen at charity events, philanthropic activities and raising funds for victims of natural disasters. And, all the time, she is in a different hat, at many times even wearing trendy dark glasses.
I wonder how many hats she has – tens, scores, hundreds?
Whatever the case, at the end of the day, she is everywhere. As in this picture, she was spotted at the Bahrain International Air Show Media Centre doing what she does best – making the best out of another important event!

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