Pearly ‘gates’

unnamed (1)I took these pictures while waiting at my favourite traffic signal at the end of the Shaikh Isa Causeway on way to work earlier this morning. Couldn’t help notice how the cloud formation appears to deck Bahrain up in a garland of pearls. Co-incidentally, this is at the spot where Bahrain’s well-known pearling trail, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is. The site is a 3.5 km trail on the island of Muharraq, once used by pearl divers during much of Bahrain’s history until the early 1930s, when the pearl market in Bahrain crashed as a result of cultured pearls coming in from Japan. The pathway consists of 17 buildings in Murharraq, three oyster beds in the nearby sea, a part of the coast and the seafront Bu Mahir fortress on the southern tip of Muharraq. The trail was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site on June 30, 2012 and is Bahrain’s second after the Bahrain Fort.

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