‘Drawing’ inspiration

DSC_2614I must admit, actually, I have – that I am suddenly ‘re-fascinated’ with black and white photography. Perhaps it is because of a few blogs I have read in the last few weeks that brought back memories of my younger days or perhaps it has come after looking at my late father’s ancient camera and being reminded of the pictures he had taken that brought out this sense of nostalgia. Anyhow, after the recent spell of rain, I took this picture (top left), on monochrome settings, of the Manama skyline from the Prince Khalifa bin Salman Park in Hidd and then “converted” an earlier colour picture (left) taken from the same place, of Hidd city, also after a spell of rain. DSC_6316While I find both fairly average shots quality-wise, I feel within me there was a lot more “involvement” in the first picture because I had to get the “colors” and the “shades” right to give the picture an “after-rain” effect. I have, possibly succeeded in showing the rain look in the first one in black and white but in the other “converted” picture, the rain effect is missing – one can only see a storm brewing, the sky covered with dark clouds. DSC_6316However, in the same picture, in colour (right), one can actually “feel” the rain, something that would probably not been possible in an “original” black and white photograph! That said, I leave readers and viewers to judge. Hope these have passed muster!

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