Bah! Rain Days

DSC_0047Its been raining in Bahrain – for the last 24 hours actually. And that’s a rarity here.
It’s not as if it were in the 70’s and the 80’s when, it was said, it rained a lot – at any time of the year, particularly in the winter and people used to enjoy the moment.
Maybe it is due to the so-called global warming or climate change, the heavens opening up now are not often. So when it does rain, it’s an occasion to savour.
DSC_0048Whether it is scores of office workers just sitting and gaping at the ‘wetness’, motorists at traffic lights taking random mobile phone pictures or the local radio station organising a ‘rain picture competition’, everyone seemed in it somehow.
No one wanted to miss the ‘show’ – because here in Bahrain, one never knows, it could be the last rain of the season.DSC_0046
On the other hand, of course, there’s the usual misery – more traffic accidents, more areas flooded, some villages inundated, some houses developing leaks and the expected ‘flood’ of complaints by local politicians on how allegedly ‘inefficient’ the government is.
So while I would say, “Wah – Rain” (hail rain) many would also say, Bah! Rain!!

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