Midnight ‘express’

Having moved into a new house in the last two weeks, and only now having adjusted to the surroundings, I had my first “tryst” with picking up a friend from the Bahrain International Airport close to midnight last night.
While picking up and dropping friends is rather routine in Bahrain (where no one ever takes a cab for the purpose), I had the luxury of reaching the receiving area in five minutes flat, the airport is so close.DSC_0039
We hear large jets taking off and landing all the time but only today realised it was “just there”.
This came as a pleasant surprise, even more so since my daughter heard a plane land and said, “Papa, please leave, uncle has landed.”
And just five minutes after she had uttered those words came the phone call that he had, indeed, arrived and he said he was calling from inside the aircraft! Uncanny, really!
Having said that, I still had to wait a few minutes until the gentleman and his wife arrived and at that time, I took these two rather “calm” mobile phone pictures of the adjoining Arad Bay, a protected wildlife preserve in Bahrain.
Having photographed flamingos and seagulls the area several times before, these shots however presented a completely different look and feel.
Perhaps I will make a special trip soon with proper equipment to take better, and sharper, pictures. This, and another foray early in the morning to capture the fabled Bahrain sunrise, is definitely on the agenda in the coming months!

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