Town folk and their homes

This is the sprawling “fisherman’s township” on Bahrain Muharraq island. The intriguing picture was taken as I moved back to my car after an abortive attempt to photograph seagulls in flight with the Manama skyscrapers as a backdrop. I have been to this area scores of times but this is the first shot I have taken of the extent of the ramshackle, made of wood … Continue reading Town folk and their homes

Thais the way!

I spotted these three gentlemen¬† at a construction site in Muharraq. and as drove past, noticed something was unfamiliar. And I returned. Yes, there was, indeed, something different. They were not the usual “run of the mill” Indian or Pakistani workers who are in Bahrain in their thousands. They were from, of all the places, Thailand!Bahrain is well-known to play host to scores of nationalities … Continue reading Thais the way!

Fine Living

This is certainly not a villa by the seaside in the Mediterranean but this palatial ‘mansion’ in Busaiteen is the weekend home to a Bahraini family. Built over large piece of land, the premises houses more than a dozen people at one time. It has a kitchen, a living room or majlis, two bedrooms and a large courtyard.To top it all, the courtyard overlooks the … Continue reading Fine Living