The Sentinel

Sharing this night picture I took of Bahrain’s Arad Fort when it was first lit up as part of a project to beautify the country’s tourist spots.
The structure is a 15th century fort built in the typical style of Islamic forts during the 15th century A.D. before the Portuguese invasion of Bahrain in 1622 A.D.
This fort is one of the compact defensive forts in Bahrain and overlooks various sea passages of Muharraq’s shallow seashores.

In the past, there was an inaccessible marine channel, which controlled by the local people to prevent ships from breaking through to the island where the fort is located. It is a perfect square and on every corner there is a cylindrical tower. The structure is surrounded by a small trench, which used to be filled with water from wells drilled especially for their purpose. In every corner of the upper wall of the fort, there are nose shaped openings for marksmen.
Close to the Bahrain International Airport, the fort has been extensively renovated and presents a magnificent sight when it is illuminated at night. Traditional materials have been used in the renovation and maintenance of the fort after making extensive analysis of the original materials such as sea stones, lime, sand, and palm trunks. No cement or any other materials, which are not in harmony with the historical building or which reduce its historical value, have been used.


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