Don’t kill the picture

The Bahrain National Theatre pictured in the glow of the setting sun. This photograph is an ‘original’ and this is exactly as it was taken.

I recently saw some “award-winning” photographs taken by supposedly well-known photographers. They were great pictures, looked stunning and appealing and perhaps deserved the prizes they got.
But I had one small reservation. They were all heavily Photoshopped. Somehow, the originality was missing. Yet, they won, as opposed to straightforward pictures printed after just a few minor light adjustments in Photo Editor.
That left me wondering what had happened to creativity. Going on to Photoshop and “making” a picture is now so easy, no photographer, even the famous ones, use their skills to actually take a good picture and present it as is. What a pity!
When I started photography decades ago with a plastic box camera, I taught myself how to look at the light and decide accordingly when and where to take a picture. If I wanted less light, I had to take the photo early in the morning or late in the evening and in the noon if I wanted a bright shot.
Not any more. Photoshop has made it possible to “manufacture” pictures as opposed to taking them. Creativity and imagination is nowhere to be seen. Wonder whether these photographers could be better called Photoshoppers!
This is not to take away credit where it is due. There are still some great photographers – professionals – and I forever try and pick up tips from their work. That helps immensely.
Though I have been taking pictures since I was 10, and have ‘graduated’ to professional cameras and equipment, I still am an amateur and there is nothing I enjoy more than taking a stroll, camera in hand, clicking anything that fancies me – and then presenting the pictures as they are.
That’s honest photography if you ask me. And the pictures are ‘taken’, not ‘made’. My pictures may not win awards, not now, not ever, possibly, but they are taken from the heart and their no manipulation.
That’s what photography is all about! The camera, as they say, never lies. Neither do photographs. So why not show them as they are?
Give it a thought!

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  1. love this


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