Freeze out

It’s an incredibly cold day in Bahrain today. I say ‘incredible’ because the ‘apparent’ temperature is 4 degree C in a place that is known to touch 50 degrees in the summer. Even in the ‘cold’ winter months, the mercury rarely goes below the 8 or 10 degree mark.
While this may seem ‘warm’ to folks back home in Northern India, where I come from and in the West, the reality is that such temperatures, with wind speeds touching 30 knots, and in an island nation like Bahrain where the sea is not far away from anywhere, it is pretty chilly.I took a ‘camera walk’ this evening on the seaside but quickly realised it wasn’t a day for such an exercise. The entire area, which is normally crowded with the country’s famous ‘sunset watchers’, was deserted, as were the ‘weekend homes’ along the coast. Not a soul in sight but, yes, there were several hundreds of migratory birds in the water.DSC_6727
Perhaps, they were enjoying the chill, having travelled all the way from Siberia to escape the freezing cold there. One brave little thing was even seen taking a dip in the icy water!
Back to me. I did take a few shots of the clouds and the setting sun, along with the deserted ‘chalets’ but that was it.
No point getting caught up with the weather. It’s incredible but one has to be wise as well and it’s better to be safe than sick!

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