Golden necklace

Manama – as seen on a cool winter evening – from across the sea, in Busaiteen, Muharraq.
This is one scene I will photograph each time I am in this area. It started around five years ago when the Manama skyline was not as “populated” as it is today. It was also not as well lighted and it had far less “appeal” for an amateur photographer like me.
Of the scores of shots I have taken from this place, the one’s in the winter months, particularly from the beginning of December to the end of January are perhaps the best, the most attractive and with the most details.
There is one thing quite fascinating about Bahrain in the winters. It is normally quite foggy and misty in the day but the evenings are very clear and “spotless” as this picture shows, making it the perfect time for photography. This was taken with my rather humble Nikon D3100 mounted on a tripod, just as the sun had “completed” setting and the lights had begun to “dress” Manama up. Unfortunately, the water was not still and it was getting on to high tide, hence the absence of a reflection. The more than slight wind also ensured the sea was “wavey” as well. However, the clear sky with a smattering of clouds, more than made up for that.
After all, who said any picture of the waterfront has to have a reflection of the buildings in the water.
Certainly not me!

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