Click and win

A rare shot of the setting sun with a perfect cloud formation, and Bahrain’s ‘sun watchers’ in the foreground

Its been a tiring last few days.
But its been worth it!
The house shifting is over, almost. The new place looks lived in. The cardboard boxes have all but disappeared and their contents have once again been tucked away in various wardrobes, shelves and on display racks.
That apart, I never realised I had it in me. After having moved house more than five years ago and literally collapsed in a heap, I had pledged never again to do that while in Bahrain. Yet it happened!
I am now getting my cameras and all the lens ready once again. They have been in hibernation all the last two weeks but it’s again time to have then dusted and go shutterbugging. And what better place than to begin this new “innings” at the Busaiteen beach, the site of many a great picture that I have taken.
I hope to begin taking a walk on the beach in the next day or so, in the morning, evening and at any other time. I feel I will be able to get some great shots now that I am staying in the area, as opposed to being a visitor earlier.
After all, every picture of the same object or scene is different at all times, and that depends on the photographer’s mood. The shots are always better when one feels light and relaxed. After ridding myself of the fatigue, that’s the scenario I visualize.
Here’s wishing myself happy clicking!
Watch this space.

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