20130204_103014_HDRI never thought this would happen. Yet, it has.Tonight is my last blog from within the confines of Manama, since we are moving first thing tomorrow.
The best part is that we will set up home where we never imagined we would be, even though we have been there scores of times, and where I have taken some of the best sunset pictures I have in my small collection of photographs.dd
It’s a nice, very tastefully designed apartment in a small building overlooking the Busaiteen beach and I can only imagine what it would be like to take a stroll there every morning, evening, night, every day, in fact, every time, of course with camera in hand.
That apart, we can only hope our mutt, Tyson, will finally again learn to take a walk after having given it up in the wake of a four-day “outing” all over Bahrain three years ago when he decided to get lost! He, and we, are terrified of letting him outside the house lest there is an encore!
Yes, it is a bit “inconvenient” having to move in the “suburbs” but, again, nothing in Bahrain is far away and everything’s within reach. In fact, as I have said many a time, Bahrain is perhaps the only country in the world where one can come home for lunch every single working day!
So there we are. I am hoping to see many more glorious sunrises and sunsets and everything in between. And I hope this sojourn will give me enough inspiration to finally begin compiling my long-planned book of Bahrain images.
Time, of course, will tell!

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