Anna, pal, you are the joke

My non-Indian followers please excuse. And those who are not familiar with Indian politics also excuse.

But I have to write this because I am so disgusted with the turn politics threatens to take in India and I promise this is one-off.

annaWhat the hell is this guy Anna Hazare up to? What’s his problem, anyway?

Why is he on a so-called ‘fast unto death’ now, in the wake of the Aaam Aadmi Party success at the Delhi elections?

Why is he suddenly all for the toothless “lokpal’ bill that has been tabled in India’s Parliament?

I had always maintained this old man is a joke. Yes, that’s true. A joke. He can only be credited with one ‘achievement’ – he was the reason why we have seen someone called Arvind Kejriwal now, who has changed, and threatens to change even more – the way politics is played in India.

But why is he now so hell-bent on trying to ‘steal the thunder’ from Kejriwal, who has been as humble as ever?

KejriwalWho is acting on behest of? Who is his benefactor? Is it the Congress? The BJP? Sharad Pawar? And why is he fasting now, when the nation is so excited about a new force emerging? Is he insecure? Is he missing the action? Does he not realise no one, not even Indian television channels, are interested in him any more?

Anna, you and your band of no-gooders should see some sense. Come out and see reality. Support the change, don’t try to be the change yourself because for that it’s too late.

And, you, Kiran Bedi, what are you trying to prove? But, no, I will not talk about that now. As I promised, Indian politics will be one-off on this blog. I will wait for you to make more of a fool of yourself first then write. In the meantime, some more water would have flowed down the Ganges.

Take heart. See sense. Behave. Because now is the time.

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