Salute, Arvindjee

There I go again!
I had resolved to never write about Indian politics, but here I am.
I had pledged I would not watch Indian news channels again but I broke that pledge – today!
But, boy, was I glad I did. I stayed awake almost all night yesterday waiting for the Indian morning to dawn so election results could start pouring in. Arvind_Kejriwal_20121013
After all, it was what I have called often, expected to be the start of the Indian version of the Arab Spring, with the new entrant Aaam Aadmi Party (Common Man’s Party) threatening to run riot.
Elections were held in four states but I don’t think anyone looked at any other except Delhi where the Aap was contesting.
There were many who felt the fledgeling group would not be able to muster more than five to six seats, yet they have managed 28.

I, for one, had always maintained they would win “at least 20” and they exceeded my expectations.
The sad part is that the two major parties – the Congress and the BJP – tried every trick in the book, and out of it – to malign the “new entrant” as they called it, but failed. OBQ9V

They have now, reluctantly, admitted they goofed and never understood the public mood.
Anyway, it’s done and dusted now, almost. But, no, the war has just begun. Arvind-Kejriwal3
It’s Battle 2014 (India general elections) that will be the real test in six months from now.
That will be quite another story.
Here, though, at least now I can say, “What a performance, Arvindjee.”

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