The Londoner

The Londoner Came across this quaint little place in a not so quiet street in Manama, Bahrain. I am told the place is now fallen on bad days after being in the limelight in its heyday back in the 1990s. The Londoner Pub and the adjoining Pizza New York were then the favourite haunt of British and American expatriates in Bahrain, most of whom were oil industry executives, Navy personnel or top bankers. I tried getting some information on the two once well-known names but nothing was available. Mr Google has failed me, for once! Anyone with anything to say about them, please feel free.

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  1. Ian traynor says:

    used to drink there every thursday night and come to think of it most fridays wednesdays and saturadays together with the occasional sunday and tuesday, monday was hash house harriers. Part of the the Bristol hotel and was ‘members only’ from memory a good mix in there we were mostly construction and nurses a lot of us navy and marine corps as well as gags. The hotel was managed by an irish guy i think called tony and his younger brother managed the pub. It really was GHQ for the younger expat community at that time and was a stalwart of the expat football league. That would have been around 85-88. If you look carefully at photos of the US navy guys getting off the Stark after the exocet attack a high percentage are wearing Londoner t shirts supplied after they lost their civilian gear in the fire.

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    1. singhcircle says:

      That’s very useful information from a veteran. Thank you very much!


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