Don’t kill the picture

I recently saw some “award-winning” photographs taken by supposedly well-known photographers. They were great pictures, looked stunning and appealing and perhaps deserved the prizes they got. But I had one small reservation. They were all heavily Photoshopped. Somehow, the originality was missing. Yet, they won, as opposed to straightforward pictures printed after just a few minor light adjustments in Photo Editor. That left me wondering … Continue reading Don’t kill the picture

Xmas – The More The Merrier

These children, dressed as Santa, are being ferried to school in a cycle rickshaw, in India. Christmas is widely celebrated in the country, as elsewhere in the world, by all communities and one of the highlights is Christmas carols, skits, plays and performances in school. Children dressed up as Santa Claus, performing various acts and receiving and giving away presents, is one of the most … Continue reading Xmas – The More The Merrier

Soul mates

Originally posted on sindhuspace:
Do soul mates exist? I believe they do.  Couples who are perfectly matched in temperament, who strongly resemble each another in attitudes or beliefs exist. One may not be married to the soul mate (if it is someone from the opposite gender), when married in haste. But one will meet one’s soul mate/mates sometime in life, souls that connect with instantly, effortlessly.… Continue reading Soul mates