DSC_2840 DSC_2788 DSC_2853They have flown in again this winter. Seagulls, our winter guests, who land first in Bahrain, just before the other tourists come in.
Unlike human guests, these cool white-feathered friends make this country their home through winter, and stay back to enjoy every shade of the cool weather. It’s such a humbling experience to watch them settle down on the sea bed, on the shallows in large numbers, in quaint formations, blissfully unaware of the routine human life. The sight of thousands of these birds resting on the edge of shallow waters is enough to take one’s breath away. They keep hovering over water casually at regular intervals in small batches mostly maintaining a certain pattern, fishing for food and generally having a good time. Such a pleasing sight, one can almost see a sense in anything alive, and not. Wish they could talk the human language, or me the bird-tongue so I could ask them: How was life back in Siberia?

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