Roots, shoots, offshoots

Roots, shoots, offshoots

Traditional herbal medications have been successfully used for centuries the world over, especially in India, and these have cures for almost every illness. I was, however, taken by some surprise when I came across this “Herbal Madican” place in the heart of Manama. On inquiry, I was told by the doctor-cum-shopkeeper they had a cure for every known ailment, from diabetes to cardio-vascular and liver disorders, from kidney disease to gall bladder stones and from impotence to acidity, all supposedly by administering just leaves and roots.
I have myself had a lot of success with traditional medication when I was a child having gotten rid of a nasty white spot, possibly the start of vitiligo, on my cheeks that threatened to spread all over the body.
But I am not sure if the treatment offered at this place would help and whether it is, in fact, legal because I know that at least the authorities in Bahrain frown upon such claims. Of course, I would not want to try, but maybe someone official might want to take a closer look.

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