Eklingji or Meera Hindu Temple in Rajasthan

Great picture. It seems you have travelled more within India than most Indians. Good to see all your photographs and Indian insights.




One of our first site visits on the north trip to Rajasthan , was to several Hindu temples.  This one called Eklingji or Meera is a complex of actually 108 individual temples. Many are only single rooms for prayer. This complex of all the northern temples remained vividly in my memrory. I am not sure why, but I think it could be the setting which was in a small village with the temple  seemingly squeezed between buildings at the entrance and then  opening into space behind to provided for the sanctuary. The opening was elaborately carved stone around  a small entrance door.  We arrived just at dusk fell  as the 35 miles from Udiapur took longer than expected due to heavy traffic , buses and cars, as well as camels, winding roads and the never ending bikes. The approaching darkness added to the mystery.


Entering through the small door, we…

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  1. annetbell says:

    Many thanks for the reblog. I have written about many other beautiful Hindu temples on my blog and hopefully many more. There are lots of them . . . .yes there are lots of Indian people! 😎


  2. annetbell says:

    I was really blessed to spend 3 months in Ahmedabad as the students and the professor worked at CEPT university. We traveled for 2 weeks to the north and 10 days in the south. So yes, many of my Indian friends are seeing some of their country through my eyes!


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