Rain Burst

Hardly a “burst” but welcome showers, anyway. Hope we have plenty this winter.


It’s a dull day today in Bahrain. After some rain, drizzle by Indian standards, the roads are drying up, except for some odd patches of wetness, like sparingly used blotting paper. Image

Some seemed excited about the fact that “it rained while they were sleeping”, while some others seemed disappointed about the same fact.

Anyway, there is still hope of more rains/showers in the evening, with the dullness hung around as are the dampened spirits.

Rains, even these scanty ones, make me moderately crave for ‘pakodas’ (veggie-fries), but ever since I have turned weight conscious, my gluttony too has thankfully switched to a bake/grill mode.

rain 3 Rains make me want to sleep endlessly, which I can do even without the showers actually. I am a sloth, have always been one, and am proud of it. But rains make it better, curling up under a warm blanket, drifting into sleep watching ‘Iron Chef…

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