Why failure trends


The most trending word, according to a report on internet search is reportedly ‘failure’, ‘fail’ being the second best! Really? I had imagined it to be happiness, love, peace or help! Image

It is not that ‘fail’ is a bad word, not even depressing. The word ‘tried’ is inherent with ‘fail’ and hence ‘fail’ for me represents hope.

Only someone who has wished for something or tried could ever fail.
I think one has to celebrate failure too, not exactly failure but what preceded failure.
Image Any task completed deserves to be appreciated, even if it is successful attempt to reach somewhere, something, someone.
As they say, we have to try, and accept the result, whether it is in our favour or not.
That doesn’t mean we have to pass judgement on our own ability or inability to achieve that something. We need to take stock: Were you chasing the wrong goal? Were your…

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