Walking a tightrope

There is no better place in Bahrain, it seems, for car cleaners, than the Arad Fort parking lot. Scores of them gather around on bicycles with their ‘bag and baggage’ and accost drivers as they come in to relax in the park adjoining the coast. I have never stopped to wonder how these people, most of them “free visa” workers from Bangladesh, make ends meet … Continue reading Walking a tightrope

Bucket List No. 1

Originally posted on sindhuspace:
Retire. When do you know you are on the path of retirement? Probably, when you start reading articles titled ‘Worlds top 20 places to retire’.  Whenever I mention retirement, people usually look at me with raised brows, as if I had spoken the unspeakable. Some even try to tell me that I sound pessimistic or depressed; why else would I be… Continue reading Bucket List No. 1