Smitten, yet again!



Almost exactly a year after we last came to Al Dar Islands, we are back tonight at the charming retreat off Bahrain’s Sitra coast.
And what a revelation it has been!
While the place is as inviting as ever, there have been a few very pleasant changes that left me wondering as to how imaginative the resort’s operators are.
More tents, additions to the luxurious villas, a shaded walkway and more beach areas are just some of the new things I have seen in the few hours I have been here roaming around and now ensconced in one of the villas.
Such a “retreat” with the family is a must after weeks and months of “hard labour” on the mainland and just an overnight stay can do wonders for the body and soul.
The best part is that after we get back tomorrow at noon, there will still be two whole days of the weekend remaining to relax even more, spoiling in front of the television, just going around photographing the sea, the boats and the sun or simply trying out a new recipe.
Talking about photography, the Al Dar Islands is a haven for anyone with a camera. I have taken some great shots during my earlier visits here, took some this evening and am looking forward to wake up very early tomorrow to catch the sun as it comes up at 5.41 am!
I would want to come back here often just to get away from the mad rush of the city. And to leave everything behind.
As a friend said just as we were getting ready to leave: “Will you be charged incoming on your mobile if I call?”
No.I saiid. Even if we are “travelling overseas”,  we will still be in Bahrain!!


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