Market 338

Bahrain’s annual Market 338 is back. More than 40 top designers and artists from the Gulf region have come together to showcase their work,for the second year in a row. After its successful launch last year, the event is even bigger and better, and will feature musical performances, pop-up cafes, lectures, workshops and specially commissioned public art installations. Made possible thanks to the huge support … Continue reading Market 338

Power up

I found this chopper, probably¬† carrying professional photographers on assignment, hovering around two of Bahrain’s most famous landmarks, the Bahrain World Trade Centre and the Bahrain Financial Harbour, and stopped to take some pictures of my own. In the resultant shot, with the flying machine caught right in the middle of the trade centre’s twin towers, the two seem to be “comparing” their wing-power – … Continue reading Power up


They have flown in again this winter. Seagulls, our winter guests, who land first in Bahrain, just before the other tourists come in. Unlike human guests, these cool white-feathered friends make this country their home through winter, and stay back to enjoy every shade of the cool weather. It’s such a humbling experience to watch them settle down on the sea bed, on the shallows … Continue reading Seagulls…

Destination Desert

Bahrain’s annual camping season has been well under way for the last few weeks and will continue until April. Traditionally, these few months, thousands of Bahrain’s families set up ‘camp’ in the vast rocky areas in the south of the country in an area they then call home. During those few months, enterprising businessmen set up convenience “tents” all over the place and mobile telephone … Continue reading Destination Desert