Raw politics

M_Id_431877_Onion_priceOnion prices have skyrocketed in India, just before several states go to the polls in the next few weeks.

This has happened just as Indians also prepare themselves for perhaps the most hotly contested elections to Parliament in the next few months.

And while people suffer and literally cry themselves hoarse, politicians are doing what they have always done – play the blame game and accuse one another and the weather.

They have once again proved they are immune to the goings-on and have nothing better to do than come out all guns blazing how the ‘other party’ is indifferent to the people’s woes.

While senior government officials say the prices will come down in ‘two or three days’, the minister in charge says it will take ‘two to three months’. One politician says it is due to rains, while another says it’s because of hoarding. Yet another says it is because of too much exports while one senior leader attributes it to people eating too much.mtr-spicy-pickle-onion-600-97613

That said, it is a fact, and I am surprised no one is talking about it – that it is traders, in collusion with politicians, who are responsible. The writing is on the wall, yet no one wants to read it. The money being generated is going into political parties’ coffers for wily and corrupt men and women to contest elections so that they can fleece and hoodwink the masses for another five years.

This is always the case and it will always be the case. Prices will not go down, in fact, they will go up further in the run up to the elections and shoot through the proverbial roof after polls. After all, those who foot the poll bills will have to make up their money in some way.

That is the reality of India. And that will be the reality of India.

Television debates, discussions, the so-called free Press and social media; they are not going to make a difference.

The current and future law makers are all in it together.

Once again the politicians have proved that they do no care about the people who elected them.

Whether it is onion prices or those of other vegetables that have skyrocketed, they have this ‘devil may care’ attitude.

And the people suffer.

Long live democracy!

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