Reality Web


As I looked at this tree, devoid of any greenery whatsoever, I thought it was like a human being at his lowest – when nothing looks right and there is no hope anywhere.
But, suddenly, this virtually dead tree springs back to life and starts to sprout leaves and even fruit, once again giving a majestic look.
However, it is not as easy for us lesser mortals who are, by nature, pessimistic beings. We take virtually no time in get ourselves down in the dumps but sometimes take an eternity to emerge from it.
Perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt from the tree.
One look at it and it gives the impression it is entwined in a complicated web from which it would be difficult to emerge but, yet, it does – with a vengeance! One look at it then and it gives one a feeling of confidence, hope and energy.
That’s the lesson we should be learning!!

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