God (Damn) Men

indexNarayan-SaiSo now, finally, we have the son on the run!
Of course, I am talking about Nairan Sai, the infamous son of an infamous Asaram.
While it was only a matter of time that he, too, fell into the police trap, what I am astounded with is that for so many years, the father-son duo ruled the proverbial roost, rampantly building up their empire, gathering bagfuls of wealth, allegedly molesting, assaulting and raping countless women, killing people, grabbing land and cocking a snook at authority.
Understandably, they could not have done this without patronage at the highest political and police level as well as with innumerable people in some authority at all levels of government. Why were they allowed to carry on? Did no one know what they were up to? Did no one look? Or were they all so enamored by this “godman” who could supposedly work magic in their lives?
I will also not be surprised if the duo will ultimately be free to carry on with their nefarious activities after being set free. That could, of course, take time; but sooner or later, they will get back their patronage, the media interest will die, everyone will be much too involved with elections and the fasts and the incursions etc in Kashmir to worry about the Asarams and the Narain Sais.
We all know that, they know that too. People like these are not easy to obliterate completely. And the less said about the media the better.
Yes, it was the media interest that made them face the music and it will soon be the media disinterest that will help set them free, facing court cases that could take several decades to arrive at a verdict. And all that time, they will be re-building their empire, even if from scratch – and start enjoying political patronage and again rustle up wealth.
In India, this is a never-ending story. Unfortunate, but true.
As I have said before, God help us.
Save The Nation.


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