Aamchi Mumbai!

20131006-193128.jpgtrainbomafp226To me, India’s commercial capital Mumbai  being named globally the “second most honest city” by Readers Digest has come as no surprise. In fact, I feel it should have been on the top.
While the world might think the abject poverty in India and rampant lawlessness would make people there dishonest; in Mumbai, and several other cities around the country, it is the same story – people generally tend not to keep what doesn’t belong to them.insidemetro
I have to differentiate here between honesty and crime. There is, if course, a lot of crime – chain snatching, pickpocketing, rape and even murders – but that’s something else, to do with criminal minds – and prevalent everywhere in the world. These people are law breakers, antisocial elements, not mainstream.
Surprising many of the world’s well-known places are actually ‘dishonest’ – among them Amsterdam, Warsaw, Madrid, Bucharest as well as Lisbon, which takes the cake!20131006-193112.jpg In all these glamorous destinations, ordinary people were seen pocketing another’s money even when there were details including a phone number in the wallet, so as to return!
Coming back to Mumbai, I have myself experienced the city and am convinced people there are honest. I once left a package at the taxi rank as I left the airport and within minutes it was returned to me, courtesy a taxi driver who handed it over to the airport police. At another time, in Ahmedabad, we recovered a handbag containing jewellery, cash and other articles nearly an hour after it was found missing – all the time it was at the roadside bus shelter, untouched.
Here in Bahrain as well, people have handed over wallets, passports and even bags at newspaper offices for them to carry ‘lost and found’ announcements.
Only lost dogs in Bahrain are sometimes not returned. But here again, we were lucky to have our mutt back with us four days after he went missing when we were called about a ‘tired-looking’ creature crouching in a flower patch on the street!120205TRAINRAIL2

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