The Backwaters

The Backwaters

I never tire of looking at pictures I brought back from my trip to Kochi, the “commercial capital” of the South Indian state of Kerala. In spite of its crowded and littered streets, pollution, the chaotic traffic and all other “ills” of any other big Indian city, I found that after a tiring day at work, one could relax on the riverside, in the lap of the “evergreen” backwaters the state is so well-known for. I found myself taking in the awesome beauty of the meandering river at any time, awestruck at the way entire communities live off the water. No wonder then the very simple people in the state seem so content with what they have and make the most of everything.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautiful !


  2. Jensen says:

    Just back from the backwaters, and I’m still in chill-out mode.


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