Theatre of the Absurd

Funny Indian Political Cartoons1(1)So today, former Bihar chief minister Laloo Prasad Yadav (who was once invited for a guest lecture at Harward, while he was the union railway minister) has gone to jail. Something we did not expect, 17 years after he was known to be involved in a $310 million fodder scam.
Great news!
Mr Sreenavasan has also been re-elected as the cricket board chief even though he faces a probe.images
And ‘godman’ Asaram has again had his detention extended, Ram Jethmalani notwithstanding!
Absolutely great news!
Narendra Modi receives a hero’s welcome at Mumbai and asks diamond traders they should help India “shine”, even forgetting he still has a long way to go before he wins the Race Course race – if at all!admin1358478780Family politics cartoon best explains how the Indian politicians develop family politics Funny politics picture
And then we have an old war-horse from the ruling Congress party, Digvijay Singh, who “regrets” Laloo Yadav is in jail and blames political “conspiracy”. This after he said he also regrets allotting land to Asaram to build an ashram in Rajasthan.
And, over and above all this, we have the “prince” – Rahul – who wants to tear up an ordinance his party so meticulously drafted, primarily to save Laloo, just to get the numbers in the ensuing elections.indian-politicians
And what about our own premier Manmohan Singh? He refuses to even react when the “prince” belittles his Cabinet’s move for the ordinance as “nonsense that should be torn and thrown”, when he should have stepped down immediately and flown back home from New York.
Of course not, he wouldn’t do that. After all, he has already pledged to work “under” Rahul. What a pity!
But that’s not all. There is a certain Shinde who “directs” all state chief ministers not to “harass” minorities (read Muslims). Does he mean harassing the others (Hindus, etc) is all right? And he happens to the country’s Home Minister! Bravo.
I am reminded here of a certain Anna Hazare, and another soul called Baba Ramdev, who both, in their own different ways, tried to make a difference and were systematically pushed into hibernation, courtesy Sonia “Gandhi” and her gang of goons.
But at least the Anna movement gave birth to the enterprising and spirited “politician” Arvind Kejriwal who is thankfully (and patiently) waiting in the wings to strike during the coming Delhi elections.
I am not an AK fan – far from it. But I believe someone has to bell the cat – and its this enthusiastic soul who is most likely to do it. I would support him only for one reason – the others are so useless and corrupt and all ganged up when it comes to protecting their corrupt raj!
In all this hullabaloo, one cannot be blamed for forgetting the comeback the real Yuvraj has made in the Indian cricket team – in spite of the Srinivasans and Lalit Modis and their ilk.
Mera Bharat Mahaan! Jai Ho!!

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