Awesome Twosome

Bahrain World Trade CentreI have always been an admirer of the Bahrain World Trade Centre. But this admiration has only increased in the last month, ever since I became a regular at my gym, located within the premises.
Going in and out every evening, I never fail to be awed by the “awesomeness” of the structure, the twin towers of which support three massive wind turbines, providing some of the power used in the building.
A few days ago, courtesy a friend, I watched a National Geographic Megastructures documentary on the making of the towers after which I become more of a “fan” of the foresight of its designers, contractors, builders, workers and all those who made sure it delivered on its promise of being the world’s first skyscraper powered in such a way.
The stress and anxiety, the elements, tight deadlines and, above all, the sinking feeling whether the design would in fact work in the scenario.
Credit goes to the young man who conceived the idea and to the owners who, we were “super excited” at the concept and stood by its development team.
Now, several years down the line, the building hosts several of the most well-known names in business and retail, who all vouch by its comfort and beauty. They are also some of the fortunate in the country who have perhaps the most prestigious address to boast off.
One of the “drawbacks” of the building once was that its true beauty could not be seen unless someone was very far away or in the air.
I have had the opportunity of seeing, and photographing, it from the air and now am able to see it fully on land as well, thanks to the new Bahrain Bay development, which presents its grandstand view.