Killing Honour

indexAnother so-called “honour killing” has taken place in India – and the culprit, yet again, is Haryana state.

And I find myself writing about relationships twice in as many days!

Though this is not the first time such an incident has taken place  – there have been several in the last few years – we have yet to see a conviction take place – and the perpetrators are reportedly roaming free.images

In this latest case as well, though there have been a few arrests, including the members of the girl’s family, nothing more has been heard in the last two days since the incident took place.

The Indian Supreme Court has ruled people convicted of such crimes face the death penalty. But how many have been given that sentence? No such instance comes to mind. Young couples wishing to get married continue to die. But the government, and the media, remains unfazed.

This brings us to the age-old question; why is there so much opposition to two people in love getting together in wedlock? Is it right to prevent them getting married just to satisfy the egos of those who continue to live in the dark ages? Will it not be right for everyone to be happy? And why have such violent “punishment?”

honour-killing-480x238There was a time not long ago when this happened in Punjab state as well when couples not following the family diktat were shot dead, often by close relatives. Thankfully, the state has modernized enough in the last few years to put an end to the practice.

Our societies have to evolve with the times and the time now is different. Why make it so difficult for everyone?

It is also time for the government – and the media – to wake up. The media are so self-centered that they fail to “see” this incident and are more interested in what Manmohan Singh is to do in the United States or what Narendra Modi is talking about in his quest for Race Course Road.

This incident deserves the utmost attention. As much as the Nirbhaya case, if not more!

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