Love, and let love

indexBoy meets girl; falls in love – girl loves boy as well. The two wish to get married. But cannot!


Because according to an ancient custom in India, the girl belongs to a community one step “lower” than the boy in the bygone caste hierarchy.

So, obviously, the love-birds are not a match, so say the boy’s parents, even though the lad himself is at pains to reassure his woman she is the only one for him, while trying to convince his mother that he cannot live without her. Real life, but feels like a Bollywood film. What a shame!love-romance-frinds-couple-friendship-love-quotes-quotes-poem-love-you-i-love-you-i-love-you-text-mobile-love-images-wallpaper-172

Cases like these are still fairly common among Indian communities even in the modern age, be it Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana or Punjab. There have been hapless couples forced to elope and get married, court interventions, and in some extreme cases, honour killings, medieval justice or lovers killing themselves. So who loses? Everyone.

What is surprising in this case is that both boy and girl still hope and want to follow the traditional route – getting married only with the consent of all concerned, even though there is a time-tested route of eloping and getting parents accept them, eventually.

It could easily have been the case in this story as well, the only difference being the couple are stuck to their solid and sound belief that they would not be able to live happily ever after, if their parents were not happy in their togetherness. Hats off to their character, and patience. So they would wait, for as long as it takes. That is sad.index

It’s time the parents show their strength of character, and prove they are as loving as these kids are, if not more, particularly the boy’s side. The days of the rigid caste system are history. We are all global citizens now and should get away from the such stubborn thinking and behaviour.

For, even if the two marry different partners, it would only leave four unhappy people in two unhappy marriages; and nothing will ever work out – emotionally at least.

Yes, the parents might have a concern about the girl’s/boy’s upbringing, her education, character, etc, but even the best matched marriages don’t work out, many times. indian-wedding-photo-390x285

Youngsters these days are not what we used to be. They are more aware, take informed decisions and are perfectly capable of charting their own course in life. It is this time they should get all the support they are looking for while following their dream lives, not roadblocks from their own families.

End of the day, you only live once. You gave them lives, now LET THEM LIVE.

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