No dumb belle this!

huge.61.305542I never thought I would be intimidated – not after all these years of living fearlessly. But it happened. And how!
The “perpetrator” is my four feet something female trainer at the gym I had joined three weeks ago.
The confident, exceptionally muscular, little woman has made my workouts emotionally draining as well, all the more embarrassing for someone like me who looks everyone in the eye and is open to a confrontation at the slightest opportunity.
The first few days were comfortable, doing various cardio regimens like the treadmill and the bicycle at my will. But the honeymoon period ended just three days later as I was put through a grueling routine, which she claimed were only “simple stretches” but which resulted in excruciating pain in every inch of my body. She said it would last for a few days until the body got used to the “stress”.
That did happen. The problem for me is that I keep hoping when I to go to the gym she is not around, dreading she might spot me and give something more strenuous tasks.
Thankfully, she is a friendly person, who has given me thumbs up a few times, even when I was struggling with the moves.
Somehow, her presence around is a kind of deterrent. Knowing that I am watched and fearing admonishment, I become super alert.meimages
I have seen her be really tough with men four times her size and bring them to the ground, literally; I have watched her lecture muscular youngsters and also watched her with admiration her doing her own drill when off duty. And, believe me, it’s a daunting sight.
I am surprised that such a fear is still alive in me. It’s as though I am back in school, feeling scared and intimidated by the cane wielding teacher (in those days it was the norm).
To her credit, she has never said anything that would destroy my confidence but has often reiterated she would soon give me some more advanced “light” exercises to go further on the drill.
That is the scary part. I have no idea what she has in store. But what I have done so far under her supervision has visibly helped since many of my trousers are ready to go in for alternation. No doubt I feel leaner, but if I wanted to feel meaner, that’s not yet happening!

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