Past-a Petalia

In celebration of yet another lazy weekend, I made this vegetable pasta for dinner. And since it was after a while that I actually worked at the wok and the microwave, it invited “what’s with you” and “what’s the occasion” comments from my daughter, who had taken it upon herself to churn out exotic presentations over the last eight weeks of summer vacation.
That apart, the dish turned out rather well, though a bit on the spicy side.
And, to top it all, there was a whole “tiffin box” left over for the school “breakfast” the next morning.
I have always been fond of cooking so when I do cook, I try to make it something different, something exotic. And I never follow a recipe. It all comes from somewhere within – the ingredients simply tumble out – the spices are all added with a flair with no particular measure and order. Somehow, things have always been more than edible. And that’s credible!
Going further, I have now decided that when I display my culinary skills, I will not use oil, will pack in lots of vegetables and bake or microwave as far as possible. So if I am going to do this often, I might as well make it healthy.
Perfect complement to the fitness mantra that I am now rather “obsessed” with!

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