imagesThe debate rages on in Indian politics. Modi or not, that is the question. And this question has no clear answer.
Unfortunately, the “frontrunner” in elections to Parliament around eight months away, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has no clear “winner” in its ranks. The choice, unfortunately, has fallen on Modi, who is seen as a rallying point for all sections.
The truth, however, is that he has an image of alleged divisiveness that continues to haunt him and that is, perhaps, what BJP old-timers are looking at when they oppose his “nomination” as the Prime Ministerial candidate.
That is actually true because a very large section of the Indian voter will be “isolated” at Modi’s elevation if it happens. The whole country threatens to divide itself on religious lines and that the nation can ill afford.
The flip side is that in the absence of anyone else, the BJP is forced to “elevate” Modi, but what they do not realise (perhaps they do) that by this elevation, they will play into the hands of the ruling Congress which is, perhaps, waiting for only this chance to start playing its cards.
The BJP also has few allies as of now (they do not add up to anything anyway), and no one is expected to come. On the other hand, the Congress has a bunch of them, even though they are opportunists, but will be good enough to rustle up the numbers when it matters.
The bottom line is clear. If the BJP names Modi, they play into Congress’ hands; if they do not, they are “leaderless” and cannot hope to get anywhere.
The Congress is no better. There is already talk of the inexperienced, reckless and childish Rahul Gandhi being the Prime Minister if they win. That will be a pity.
That is the story of India. There is no clear leader. There is nothing to look forward to. The country may face yet another period of uncertainty in the months and years to come.
The choice is between an alleged fanatic and a confirmed fool. And that is not a happy situation!

The Plunge : Excerpt


Anjali felt like her face was on fire. She struggled to stop her chin from trembling.

He stared at her, his mouth open, as if he was stumped by her reaction.

She shifted her gaze from his face to a distant point, struggling to snuff out her sighs.  beautiful-indian-women-painting-art

“Anjali, what makes you so upset? She is an ex-colleague yaar, just like you,” he said.

“Just like me? You shared a similar relationship with her?” Her voice choked with rage.

“No, no.” He protested.

“She seems keen to rebuild old ties,” she said, willing her pounding heart to calm down, but her raised voice and piercing look betrayed her irritation.

“She’s a very cheerful person. Maybe I should bring her along during my next trip to Shimla. You will love her; a charming lady.”

“It appears so. But please don’t use me as an excuse to smuggle her in.” Anjali…

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