Click’n Time

DSC_0473It’s been a while that I have held my camera. In fact, since the beginning of Bahrain’s summer this year, I have not been a “regular” at the favourite “picture haunts” on the island. The old Manama Suq, the Suq Al Qasariya in Muharraq, the several coasts where sunsets are legendary and evening walks on the Manama Corniche, photographing fishing boats and fishermen.

The main culprit has, of course, been the weather but more it’s the general feeling of lethargy that has taken its toll. This is also, perhaps, related to the blistering heat which, as I write, shows no sign of abating.

However, the silver lining on the proverbial cloud is that September is almost half way through and the uncomfortable weather cannot last long. Soon, we shall have the company of the pleasant north-westerly winds and that is when I will again be out in “strength”.

There is certainly more to do in Bahrain than just photographing the Suq, its traders and its people; there is more to see than the sunset and the sea, the boats and the fishermen. There is more to Bahrain than what I have seen so far.

This winter, I plan to do it all. And, yes, the results will be on these pages. Because there is nothing like involving oneself with the camera. Because, as they say, it’s your thoughts and your mind at work. And, of course, when doing that you actually use your eyes to do what they are meant to – SEE!

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