Of tailbacks and road rage

A file picture of one of Bahrain’s main intersections near the World Trade Centre that was completely jammed for most part of the evening

Traffic in Manama was a nightmare this evening. And it’s getting worse by the day! There was no way anyone could get anywhere near the capital without having to wait endlessly in chaotic queues.
Caught in one of the serpentine tailbacks for what seemed an eternity in trying to reach the Bahrain World Trade Centre, I could not but feel for fellow motorists who have for long been promised deliverance from the mess they find themselves in every day.
For several years there have been declarations of a monorail, public buses, a taxi system and even a subway but we are yet to see any of that on paper, let alone on the ground.
Though I will not hazard a guess on why these projects have failed to take off, what I can say is that a daily dose of this mess on our roads has resulted in hundreds of short-fused drivers who never fail to “pounce” on others even at the slightest hint of an apparent error.
I have been a victim of such arrogance several times but in all honesty can say I have always paid back. In the worst such incident, a middle-aged driver stopped his car and threatened to get out of the vehicle, shouting he would “teach me a lesson.” Of course he immediately left the scene when it was I who emerged first from my car and dared him to come out.
That said, it’s not the right thing to do. The continuing chaos, the endless jams, the daily tailbacks and almost no parking space has, and is, turning us all into “road-ragers” out to get at each other at the slightest, or at many times, no provocation.
And, of course, delayed projects and promised relief not coming is making it worse!