No country for old men?

This elderly citizen, possibly in his 70s, was yesterday spotted at the Bahrain Financial Harbour crossing in Manama in the scorching afternoon sun, asking for a lift from passersby.
Carrying a heavy load in a plastic bag, 20130905_131345he was refused by at least three motorists who had stopped at a traffic light. Though I decided I would take him where he wanted to go, unfortunately, traffic started to move by the time he reached me and I only heard the word “Muharraq” – that’s possibly where he wanted to go.
Impatient drivers forced me to move but by the time I went up to Seef, took a turn and came back, he was gone. Perhaps some Good Samaritan had given him a ride anyway!
Wonder why people are so impatient, indifferent and arrogant and always in a hurry to not even bother to come to the assistance of an old man, sweating profusely and carrying a load?
Perhaps this is modern day life – bother only about yourself – the others can take care of themselves. If only they could put themselves or their own elders in the senior’s place, they would not only be better human beings, but as well would turn the world into a better place to live in!

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  1. karan3842 says:

    Great Sardarji. I have done this a few times, the very thought u wanted to give him a lift is good enough. Jay ho.


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